Lav Magnet Instructions


Keep neodymium magnets away from all children.

Neodymium magnets are not toys. Magnets can pose a serious choking hazard. If multiple magnets swallowed, they could attach to each other through intestinal walls causing serious injury and/or death.  Seek immediate medical attention if inhaled or swallowed.

Keep neodymium magnets away from pacemakers and insulin pumps.

Neodymium magnets create strong magnetic fields, which can interfere with pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.

Neodymium magnets are very strong!

They can leap together unexpectedly causing potential injury or damage to the magnets themselves. Handle with care.


Do Not Alter Lav Magnet®

Doing so can break magnets from the plastic causing potential injury.

Instructions For Lav Magnet:

Slide, Never Pull Lav Magnets apart.

  • Attach lavalier to the Lav Magnet loop using your existing alligator clip.
  • Place the Stabilizer Stick – magnets facing out, handle up ↑, just under the collar line on the inside of the garment.
  • Carefully pinch the fabric between the Lav Magnet & Stabilizer stick.
  • Dress cables.


To use the Beltpack Bar:

  • Place transmitter on one bar using the existing belt clip. With magnets facing out, place 2nd bar inside garment.
  • Carefully pinch the fabric of your garment between the 2 Beltpack Bars.
  • Transmitters can be placed inside or outside of garments.
  • Dress cables. 


For video tutorials, click the video links below.