What Is Lav Magnet

Where do you clip a mic on a loose fitting blouse?

On a Lav Magnet! Universal Magnetic Microphone Clips. Lav Magnets are a cutting edge design never seen before.  With the creation of the Lav Magnet, you no longer have to worry about what your presenter may be wearing to their presentation.  Next time your presenter shows up in a t-shirt or a blouse just snap the Lav Magnet in place and clip your lavalier microphone. Using super strong neodymium magnets, these universal magnetic microphone clips snap into perfect placement every time.  Is your presenter wearing a dress or clothes with no beltline? No problem! Use a Lav Magnet Beltpack Bar to attach your beltpack.  Now, no matter what situation you face regarding the clothing of the presenter, you will be able to clip the mic to your presenter using your brand new Lav Magnet!

WARNING! Lav Magnet uses extra strong magnets that could interfere with medical devices and should not be used on people with devices such as pace makers and insulin pumps. Lav Magnet is not a toy.  

Our universal magnetic microphone clips  are  hand  made  in  the  USA.    Because of necessary manufacturing process that each Lav Magnet goes through, some of the  plastic may have  surface  irregularities.  This  does not  affect  the strength of  the plastic.  Do  not  try  to  alter Lav  Magnet products  as  doing  so voids  any warranty.  Do  not  use   Lav  Magnet products for anything other than  their intended  use.  Doing this  could cause injury or even death.  Lav  Magnet offers  a  30  day money back guarantee on all products.  If for any  reason within 30  days you are not satisfied you can return your products for a refund.  Customer pays  shipping.  There  is  no  restocking fee. 


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The people in these pictures are actual presenters at actual shows. They are not actors or models.