Presenter Pack

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Presenter Pack

A full kit. Comes with a Lav Magnet single and Stabilizer Stick plus a Beltpack Bar pair in a small tin just large enough to fit safely in your road box.

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Presenter Pack

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in

8 reviews for Presenter Pack

  1. Mark Russie

    I’ve been an audio engineer, rf coordinator, A2 and A/V tech for 30 years. I developed these for ease of use and convenience for both technician and presenter.

  2. David Leyton

    If you do any kind of audio with lavaliere microphones, you NEED this device….actually you need a bunch of them! In my nearly 30 years of doing corporate production, this is one of the best tools I have ever found. I only had to see it in use once to know I needed them, and Mark was extremely helpful in getting me the Lav Magnets quickly so I had them available for my next show. First rate product and even firster rated customer service!! Thanks Mark!

  3. Kate Foretek

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating a device to make our lives easier!! As an RF engineer of 15 years, whenever you first see your presenter you’re always thinking “ok, how am I going to attach a mic pack to that outfit?” Sheath dresses and women’s outfits are always tricky, and I’ve often resorted to “may I attach this mic pack to your bra strap?” depending on the material and cut of the dress. Enter the lav magnet. Using this device, I can simply pre-rig one side of the magnet to the pack, drop it down the dress, and slap the other magnet on the outside. They are super strong and there’s a slight bump and divot on the center that adds to the grip. Easy, quick, and most importantly not invasive. For anything with a scarf of bow collar, the mic clip portion works great to secure loose fabrics, and the stabilizer bar helps keep the mic from flopping about. After discovering this product, it’s got a permanent home in my gig kit!

  4. Paul Haines

    Worth it’s weight in gold!

    The Lav Magnet has saved my bacon on numerous occasions. It is so much easier to use and far less intrusive than pins, clips, gaff tape, belt pouches, clipping the pack on bra straps, etc., especially on high profile “kid glove” clients such as billionaires, business owners and celebrities, on a tight schedule. The magnets are strong, yet easy to remove. The mic clip portion is ingenious with that stabilizer bar. It helps keep the mic in the preferred place without it drooping. TLM helps us give great sound without manhandling the clients too much. Every audio tech should carry AT LEAST one Lav Magnet in their kit.

  5. Garrett Gagnon (verified owner)

    Takes the guesswork out of miking people up. The stabilizer stick is a genius icing on the cake. Don’t forget you can always use the lav magnet as a one-sided device to attach to any magnetic surface as well!

  6. George Argeropoulos

    I have been mic’ing people for 34 years. I work as an A1 and A2 on corporate events and a FOH and/or monitor engineer on concerts. I just recently discovered these products and placed my order within minutes of reading about them.

    I received my ‘Presenter Pack’ in the mail today and cannot wait to try the lav magnets and beltpack magnets on my presenters and performers.

    Most of the time, mic placement and beltpack placement is fairly straightforward. But I frequently face challenging situations. A few months ago, the client gave everybody t-shirts and ALL my presenters came to me wanting to wear their new shirt on stage! The two options were 1) clip the lav mic in the crook of their throat at the top the t-shirt and deal with ‘that’ sound… or 2) clip it to the t-shirt in the ‘sweet spot’ and hope it doesn’t pop off.

    About one in twenty presenters comes to me wearing a dress with no pockets or belt. There is not a good place to clip the mic, let alone the beltpack. It either goes on the top of the dress at the nape of the neck… or on the bra strap.

    A couple times a year, I need to mic up a pilot in a flight suit, or a Nascar driver in a fire suit, or some other unique outfit.

    All of these unique challenges can be resolved with these magnetic clips!! I’ll be placing another order soon, because I don’t want my presenters fighting over my magnets when I run out, lol.

  7. Arnaldo (verified owner)

    You don’t know you need this in your life till you own them. Love this product and will recommend to anyone in the industry. Do it!

  8. Mike Smolenski

    Never leave home without them works great on thin materials .
    Better mic placement makes for better sound.

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