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A single Lav Magnet + Stabilizer Stick

A single Lav Magnet is used to hang your wireless lavaliere microphone. The universal hook and magnet is for clipping a standard alligator clip on any garment and to be used in conjunction with the Stabilizer Stick.  The stabilizer stick is designed to place your lavaliere in perfect proximity for optimum sound pickup.

What about durability? 

Lav Magnet  is made with high quality, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic for durability and strength.  All of our products are hand crafted in the USA.

Each piece is made with high-strength neodymium rare earth magnets that are directly mold injected into the part so they won’t fall out. With a pull strength of 8 pounds per magnet, you don’t have to worry about your lavaliere staying in place.

One of our customers said it bestOur product is a game changer.  Whether using a single or a kit, our product performs so well that we hold a record of ZERO returns since our company opened.

We are grateful for our clientele.  We not only serve superstar engineers, A/V companies large and small, but we have expanded to include a diverse market in  musical entertainers, universities, major sports teams, governmental entities, religious and non-profit organizations.

If you are an engineer or if you stock audio, you need Lav Magnet.  If you are a performer or keynote/public speaker, then you need Lav Magnet.  Bottom line:  If you work with a lavaliere, check us out.

To Use:  Place the Stabilizer Stick on the inside of the garment, magnet facing out. Then carefully place the Lav Magnet on the outside of the garment and  attach it to the Stabilizer Stick through the garment. Finally, clip your alligator clip to the special loop. It can be discreetly placed with your lavaliere under a collar or scarf to hide out of plain sight or use it for more centered placement on non-securing garments, like a t-shirt or dress. There is no need to remove the existing alligator clip.


Lav Magnet Single and Stabilizer Stick
Lav Magnet plus Stabilizer Stick
Lav Magnet Green T-Shirt
Lav Magnet on a green t-shirt
home single on a stick
Easy Cable Management

Lav Magnet Single on a t-shirt
Presenter wearing a black t-shirt using a Lav Magnet.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in


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